The Vinyl Stripes
The Vinyl Stripes Rockabilly band

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Rockabilly, Rock and Roll, Hot Rods, Drive-In movies, Surfer Music, Early Elvis, and Sun Records! The classic sound, look, and style of the 1950s and 60s deeply influence the Texas-based band “The Vinyl Stripes.”

Adorned with skinny ties, pork pie hats, Gretsch guitars, a standup bass, and rockin’ drums, The Vinyl Stripes bring to life a repertoire filled with classic rockabilly hits from legends like Elvis and Johnny Cash, to Roy Orbison, and Jerry Lee Lewis. They also delve into vintage rock and roll classics by Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent, The Beatles, and can even transport you to the 1960s with Surf guitar music!

The Vinyl Stripes aren’t just about nostalgia; they boast a collection of “new original songs” that capture the essence of classics from that era. The trio, comprising guitar, upright bass, and drums, showcases all three members singing, in three-part harmony!
The Vinyl Stripes can include a fourth member, their sax player, whose rocking tenor saxophone adds another layer to their dynamic performances.

From Rockabilly to California Surf music, Vintage Rock and Roll and instrumental guitar jams, you will definitely get real gone to the sounds of the Vinyl Stripes!

The band has performed for just about every kind of event from concerts and festivals, performing arts orgs,,city summer concert series, fundraisers, and are favorites at many casinos,and for all kinds of private events. They also perform for swing dances, 1950’s and 60’s theme events, opened for many famous classic rock bands and are sought after for car and motorcycle shows both regionally and nationally.

The Vinyl Stripes have also had many of their original songs used on several TV shows you have heard of and in feature films!

Be sure to check out our Facebook Page for live shows and the music and video samples on our website to get a feel of the look and sound of the Vinyl Stripes! Contact us for any info and booking availability for your event! Our ever expanding song list is also available on request

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